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Do you know your particleboards?

Are you getting the right particleboard (PB) that you think you are getting from your supplier?

If you look closely at the open-cut section of a typical PB, you would see a three layered board with fine particles on the top and bottom surfaces and larger wood particles in the middle. PB comes in either sanded raw form surface or with decorative overlay – melamine (usually white for most Australian residential use), vinyl, or wood veneers (higher cost).

When you order PB products, make sure you understand the application of use and the grades

- Standard, general use in furniture and shelving

- Moisture Resistant (MR), use in joinery items in bathroom and wet areas

- Flooring, used as structural flooring for residential and sometimes light industrial applications.

MR PB has a much slower response to moisture than Standard. It is manufactured with wood particles coated with a moisture resistant resin which gives MR PB its water repellent properties.

Flooring grade PB is produced to satisfy AS1860.1 and AS1860.2 which both set out the minimum performance for PB flooring installed in Australia.

At PremiumBMS, we regulate our suppliers to ensure the highest quality is always met no matter which grade of PB.

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