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Improving Window Acoustics

As traffic gets worse in Australia's busy urban centres, congestion and noise pollution can only increase. For better quality of life, window acoustics is more important then ever. Some projects now have ratings on the windows to show their acoustical specifications.

If you want your installed windows to have certain acoustic values and qualities, there are various factors to consider.

- There is a wide range of specially developed laminated glass that has been designed for acoustic performance.

- Window frame material doesn't have as much impact on flanking transmission as the seals and density of the frame cross sections.

- Type of window opening has little impact on acoustic performance.

- Good window sealing that reduces air infiltration will increase sound insulation.

- For the air space in a double glazed window to have impact on acoustic performance the air space must be a minimum of 100mm wide.

- For maximum acoustic performance in a narrow gap type IGU, vary the glass thicknesses by 40% and include special acoustic laminated glass products.

- Windows and glass doors should be installed into the building facade with the minimum amount of air infiltration.

For more factors relating to the the acoustic values of windows refer to the Australian Glass and Window Association website.

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