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Security for your Worksite

Ever had your worksite damaged or had tools, equipment or even materials stolen from a worksite?

Do you need surveillance to make sure there are no unsafe practices?

You are probably thinking it's too much hassle to setup or too costly to install surveillance equipment or hire worksite security.

Arlo is a leading internet connected camera brand with smart security for home or business. Arlo cameras are designed for flexible wired or wire-free use for where you need it.

The Arlo Go in particular was designed for security monitoring anywhere.

The Arlo Go is the world's first and only 100% wire-free, weather resistant, LTE mobile HD security camera.

Built to be weather resistant the Alro Go camera can be mounted around outdoor worksites in rain, hail or shine.

Being 100% wire-free means you can place the Arlo Go anywhere on a worksite without worrying about cords or wiring hassles. Long lasting rechargeable batteries last approximately 2-3 months before needing recharge.

Best of all is that you can take the Arlo Go with you to your next worksite or where ever you need with the ease of just taking the camera down and remounting it at your new location. No need to call the sparky.

With the convenience of mobile technology, the Arlo Go requires a mobile plan to connect to the internet.

Once the Arlo Go is connected to the internet you will have access to 7 days of motion and audio triggered recordings via the Alro App. There is even local backup storage in the event of internet interruption.

Other useful features like night vision, HD quality, 130 degree viewing angle, and 2-way audio are included.

So if the safety and security of your worksite is important and you want peace of mind, the Arlo Go is an easy to setup around the clock surveillance solution. Surveillance that you can access from your mobile phone no matter where you are in the world.

The Arlo Go can be purchased from leading Australian retailers like Wireless 1.

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