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Most Costly Tiling Mistake

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

The most costly mistake you can make for your tiling project is insufficient or incorrect planning.

Whether it's the wrong materials or not enough materials or not having the right tools can lead to project delays and additional costs.

This checklist will help plan your next tiling project:

- Determine the type of tile or stone that is suitable for your project.

- Ensure you have the right tools including choosing the correct adhesive, like waterproof adhesive for bathroom areas.

- Measure the area you need to cover carefully and plan for an additional 10% for waste and spare tiles.

- Check whether your customer needs to use the area and if so plan to tile half the area at a time.

- Allow yourself enough time to complete the job properly. Some jobs like grouting requires 24 hours to allow the tiles ample time to settle before grouting can even begin. Making sure the customer is happy and finishing to the highest possible standard will increase the chances of repeat work and add to your credibility.

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